Why Great Animation Converts More Visitors Into Customers

Websites that have an animation or a video on their landing page are more likely to converts visitors into customers.

The conversion rates depend on many factors such as the quality of content, design, functionality and usability. But we find that way to increase conversion rates is by incorporating movement in your website.

Movement can be used in many ways on a webpage: it can be used for animation or as an interactive element which can be used to get people’s attention or provide more information about a product or service, and converts visitors into customers.

The benefits of movement to increasing website conversions are that it helps to create a more personal connection between the user and the company. It also attracts attention and can be used to highlight certain features or products. This is because the animation or video will capture the user’s attention and keep them on the site for a longer time. This increases the probability of them making a purchase.

The movement to increasing website conversions is a growing trend in the web design industry. Websites are moving away from static, text-heavy pages and incorporating a more fluid, interactive experience that encourages visitors to explore and interact with the site. This is accomplished by adding animations and transitions to content, as well as incorporating scrolling effects such as parallax scrolling.

Here are some examples from popular websites that have already implemented these changes successfully.

Species in Pieces

Species in pieces are their own words ‘A CSS-BASED INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION CELEBRATING EVOLUTIONARY DISTINCTION.’ it showcases the animals off in a low-poly style illustration using triangular pieces.

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Squad Easy

Squad Easy uses an interactive 3D dog illustration that follows you as you scroll, and who doesn’t love a cute puppy dog. A cool feature is that when you scroll fast the dog’s head spins and he gets dizzy. The rest of the website content and design is quite simple but having this fun and cute interaction as you scroll makes you want to explore more.

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Paper Planes

This is a nice site using a low poly style design. It doesn’t have much in terms of content, but its interactions and the animation of the planes going around the world was something that made me think I couldn’t leave it off this list.

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